Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Lobster Season

Well, the 2009 lobster season has almost begun. We've already put out most of the traps for the year. Of course, since the season hasn't started, we can't bait the traps just yet (or even close them). But they are for the most part in position along the Southern California coast and ready to offer temporary room and board for our beloved California Spiny Lobsters.

Here are some photos from the lobster trap loading/dropping over the past few days.

The sea lion doesn't really have anything to do with lobster fishing...but she followed us around for like an hour, so I figured she really wanted some publicity.

Hopefully I'll have some new pics of giant lobsters shortly.


books and boondoggling said...

Hi there

I'm a journalism student working on a story about Maine lobstering and wanted to learn a bit about CA lobstering. I came across your blog and would like to talk with you more about this season's fishing. Can you tell me the best way to contact you? my email address is

Thank you!
Aubrey White

Bill King said...


Great blog. I am very interested in pursuing a career in lobster fishing in So CA. I am currently a corporate president, but have experience in commercial fishing. It would be a pleasure to meet you; I would be happy to crew for free for perspective. I am ready for a change. I have So Ca boating experience, surfer and have a huge love and respect for the ocean. Makeing a living of our oceans would be a dream come true. Hope to hear from you. Bill King.