Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 Lobster Fishing Season

I haven't had much time to get out on the lobster boat this year, but I did make it out recently and took the opportunity to shoot a quick video with my phone of the lobsters being transported from the live tank to a bucket. The lobsters in the bucket were sold that day and then flown to China, where there is a huge demand for spiny lobsters.

Lobsters can actually live up to a couple days out of the water, as long as they're in a cool place.

The lobster you see at the end on the deck was not sold. I was going to give it to my mom, but she didn't want it. I then decided to find a home for it instead. He now lives in a tank at BadFish Clothing/Orca Aquatics in San Pedro. Not much leg room in there, but the lobster probably prefers the tank to the pot.

What a lucky lobster!

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